Anti-Jetlag Exercise

When you arrive at your destination, align yourself into the present ‘time’ and vibration of wherever you are by doing this:

Disconnect from the time back home.

STOP outside the terminal and look directly at the sun.  Close your eyes, turn your forehead and third eye directly into the sunshine and let the light penetrate for about two minutes.  This will activate your pituitary gland – this is your master gland that controls your hormones.  It tells your hormones, it’s day time, everything is o.k. and this will help re-align your whole energy system.

Whilst doing this also GROUND yourself into the new land.  Do this by letting your hips become loose (allowing energy to flow downwards), and with your intention drop your energy deeply down into the Earth.  Imagine you have roots coming out the bottom of your feet and drop them right down into the core of the Earth energetically.  If you can find a tree, put your hand on it.

Say to yourself, “I bring all of myself here and now” then energetically, using your intention, bring yourself into the present moment.  Do not think about what time it is in the country you left, that takes you out of the present moment.  Keep accepting whatever time it is wherever you are, this will help you stay centered in the moment.

If you land at night, you can do this exercise with the moon, stars, or sky or just look up with intention to align yourself to the countries’ energy.  Make sure the next morning you do this with the sunshine also.

Showing gratitude for the natives of the land works well.  I get such a great response in Australia, the energy of the Aboriginal people is super strong, and once you acknowledge them, show gratitude and respect they will help you ground into the land.



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