Starting your spiritual practice

Starting a Spiritual practice is really easy, and here’s the first step that you need to take:  CREATE A SACRED SPACE.  This is the place that will become sacred to you, like your own personal Alter.  It should have items in it that represent YOU and what is special to you, for example, crystals, a […]

Find Your Calm Place: FREE Meditations Wednesdays 11am FacebookLive!

Your chance to Relax, be calm, be guided through a healing meditation happens on Wednesdays (NZ time) at 11am. Join me, Karen Reid, healer, medium, channel for a guided Meditation, sure to relax you and help you get over the mid-week hump. @KarenReidHealer Link:

New Intuitive Workshop! Sharpen Your Chakras 17 September 2020

SHARPEN YOUR CHAKRAS INTUITIVE WORKSHOP SOLD OUT! Starts: 17 September 2020 | 6.30pm | Weekly Zoom Call for Seven Weeks Sharpen Your Chakras | Intuitive Workshop Seven Week Intensive Zoom Workshop with Advanced Healer & Medium Karen Reid  Learn how to heal your Chakras and Energy FieldHeal Your Energy BlocksDevelop Your Intuitive AbilitiesConnect with your Spiritual […]

How to Use White Sage to Clear Energy in your Home

Karen Reid Healer Describes how to use White Sage to Purify the energy in your home. Purchase White Sage at See this article for more:      


JOIN JOCELYN, KAREN AND DR MARI WHO DISCUSS ALL THINGS HEALTH, WELLNESS AND HEALING Intuition is something we all have and can develop into a powerful tool. Magic is something we experience everyday in the miracles around us. Jocelyn believes that we can understand how this magical, mystical, unseen world works can be explained and […]

Heart Chakra Opening Exercise

Easy exercise to help you stop stooping, correct your posture and open up your heart chakra, therefore bringing more light and love into your life I’m using Aura Soma deep red in this video. You can purchase it here Enjoy!

Crystal Energy Water Bottles

We’ve got some super-cute crystal energy water bottles in that you can change out the crystals and wash the bottle properly by placing in the dish washer or carefully hand wash.  Be sure to remove the crystals first before washing.   You can purchase these in-store or online at

How to Shuffle Cards

Using Tarot and Oracle Cards is a fun and uplifting experience. Its a great way to connect to your Spiritual and Intuitive abilities. Master your shuffle by practising these 3 easy shuffle styles. You can purchase a huge range of Oracle and Tarot cards by visiting us in-store (Auckland, NZ) or browse online Enjoy!