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Karen Reid has over 20 years of healing and reading experience, and she shares it here with you.

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Starting your spiritual practice

Starting a Spiritual practice is really easy, and here’s the first step that you need to take:  CREATE A SACRED SPACE.  This is the place


JOIN JOCELYN, KAREN AND DR MARI WHO DISCUSS ALL THINGS HEALTH, WELLNESS AND HEALING Intuition is something we all have and can develop into a

Heart Chakra Opening Exercise

Easy exercise to help you stop stooping, correct your posture and open up your heart chakra, therefore bringing more light and love into your life

Crystal Energy Water Bottles

We’ve got some super-cute crystal energy water bottles in that you can change out the crystals and wash the bottle properly by placing in the

How to Shuffle Cards

Using Tarot and Oracle Cards is a fun and uplifting experience. Its a great way to connect to your Spiritual and Intuitive abilities. Master your

Gain Clarity

on your

Life Purpose

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Energy Healing

Healings include a full balancing of your Aura and Chakras (energy centres) by highly qualified, experienced and registered Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Karen Reid. Karen trained Directly with Dr Barbara Brennan, former NASA Physicist and best selling author (Hands of Light & Light Emerging).

Karen Reid brings 20 years of experience and has over 10,000 healings under her belt – you are in experienced hands.

Sessions can be performed anywhere in the World via Phone, or WhatsApp.


Have all your questions answered –  Speak with clairvoyant, clairaudient an clairsentient Healer and Reader Karen Reid.  Able to talk to Spirit, Karen will answer any question you have, give you advise and help you connect to your Spirit guides and Intuition.  May help you feel better, relieve anxiety and bring balance.