How to light a charcoal for burning sacred herbs & resins

There’s nothing like the element of fire to wake up your senses and tribal instincts. Ancient cultures and religions have all used burning sacred herbs and resins for use in rituals to heighten their Spiritual experience. It is said that the smoke of the burning resin represents prayers going up to ‘heaven’.

There is a knack to lighting a charcoal. Once learnt you won’t forget, but you need to do it right so that your herbs & resins burn properly for maximum satisfaction. Be patient, the disc needs to be white hot before you place anything on it. And don’t forget to put your vessel onto a fire-proof coaster or mat. It will burn for up to an hour so don’t leave it unattended or anywhere for the kids to knock it over.

We have all the herbs, resins, charcoals and tongs you will need at http://thehealingcompany.co.nz/white-sage-sacred-herbs-incenses/

Other than that, have fun and enjoy this ancient practice!



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