Love Yourself Today – Heart Chakra Self Love exercise


If you have read any self-help books or done any personal development work, you will know that loving yourself is the key to creating a happy life.  In the seventeen years I have been a Professional energy healer, conducting over 8 thousand sessions, I notice that most of us carry the outdated belief that we are not good enough.  In order to change this belief two things need to happen, first we need to change our energy consciousness (the way we run energy in our field) and the neuro pathways in our brains, which are on a certain ‘train track’ so to speak.  To change tracks, we need to start by practicing healthy affirmations.  I highly recommend Louise Hay’s book “You can Heal Your life” which is an absolute classic in the field of self-help books.  Louise Hay was a pioneer in health, lived a long and healthy 90 years, founding very successful Hay House Publishing in USA, which is now world wide with offices in Australia and the U.K. and more.

I can assist you with shifting the energetics of this belief.  Try my Self Love exercise in my video here, so easy, it will generate the right love current in your energy field so that you can get started on creating happiness in your life!

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