Practices to Calm Your Being

With practice and learning you too can use meditation techniques to calm your mind and alleviate stress. By tapping into the body’s innate relaxation response, meditation can help to decrease your blood pressure, slow metabolism, improve your heart rate, and control your breathing. This all helps tension and tightness leave your muscles – the body becomes truly relaxed.

On this page Karen has gathered some of her top meditation materials to help you find peace and calm.

Sharpen Your Chakras Meditation Album

Sharpen Your Chakras is a unique Meditation and Spiritual Healing Album including 9 tracks on grounding, clearing, charging and healing your chakras and energy system. Karen gently guides you on a relaxing healing journey using techniques that stem from 20 years of her experience healing the human energy field.

There is no music – just a healing voice guide, designed to assist you in releasing old past hurts so that you can begin living more deeply connected to your core and heart centre.

This album is a must for all those seeking to develop a greater awareness of their energy field.

Recorded at 432 hertz (rather than the usual 440) this alum not only captures Karen’s spoken voice but using cool technology, our friends at Sensei Sound have also captured the frequency and vibration of Karen’s entire energy field.  It’s like having your own personal healer in the room with you!

Purchase now from iTunes. We recommend using earphones.

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Top tips

for Meditation

To get the most from your meditative practice, start by creating a sacred space for yourself. This can be simple, and mainly involves setting aside time where you will remain undisturbed.

When you are listening to Karen’s meditation album, Sharpen Your Chakras (Listen here), it’s best to use headphones so you can take full benefit of the special quality of the recording which allows you to experience the vibration of Karen’s energy field as she speaks to you.

Before you begin, allow your body and mind to relax and calm down. Meditation takes practice, so be gentle with yourself and don’t be self-critical if your mind wanders. Just give yourself the time and space to practice.

Using scent is a wonderful way to focus your mind, so consider lighting some incense or a candle, or even using a ritualistic oil to help centre your thoughts. There are options for your to purchase in the shop.

Use deep breaths to quiet your conscious mind, and concentrate on what you feel, hear, see, and smell.

By using a guided meditation album like Karen Reid’s Sharpen Your Chakras, you benefit not just from her experience and wisdom, but also her healing energy.


Meditation Guidance

  • Create a Sacred Space for yourself to meditate in, that stays set up all the time.
  • Set aside a small amount of time each day, like 5 minutes every morning or evening, then gradually increase the time you meditate for.
  • Choose a guided meditation if you have a busy mind.
  • Use a natural environment to help you relax, like take a walk on your favourite beach, choose a local tree to sit under.
  • Have an epsom salt bath to clear your energy field and help you relax:

1-2 cups Epsom Salts

1/2 cup Bicarb Soda (softens the water)

A few drops of Grounded ritual oil

Soak in warm water (not hot) for at least 20 minutes.

  • After work/school/being out, take a shower and change clothes before you relax, it will help you disconnect from the day’s energies.
  • Seperate your work clothes from your home clothes so that you can maintain strong boundaries and relax once home.