Opening your Oracle Deck for the first time

Purchasing a new Tarot or Oracle deck is exciting! There is a Sacred process that should be followed the first time you open it, so that you can gain maximum clarity and accuracy from them.

If you are curious or want to browse and buy Oracle and Tarot decks, check out our massive range in store or online http://thehealingcompany.co.nz/books-tarot/

I have used the same Animal Medicine deck for over 25 years and the accuracy of the animal medicine blows my mind every day! I have learnt so much through the animals, I love the ancient wisdom (American Indian), energy and positive messages in the cards. A card a day keeps anxiety away! Because I have been working with them for so long, the animal messages come to me even without the cards now. I know if I see an ant, I need more patience. I know if a hear an owl, I am divinely protected and guided. Using cards is a wonderful way to help you practice and connect to your intuition.




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