Starting your spiritual practice

Starting a Spiritual practice is really easy, and here’s the first step that you need to take:  CREATE A SACRED SPACE.  This is the place that will become sacred to you, like your own personal Alter.  It should have items in it that represent YOU and what is special to you, for example, crystals, a candle, a photograph of a loved one or some incense.  This is a place that you can go to pray, read your tarot cards, meditate or just find some peace and quiet away from the busy world outside.  It should be a place of peace, calm and allow you time to turn inwards so you can hear your inner guidance, connect to Spirit and touch your Soul’s deepest longings.  Your ‘alter’ could be a special place outside too.

Karen Reid connecting with nature, in a New Zealand stream, holding a large healing quartz crystal

What to put in your Sacred Space:

Crystals, Salt lamp and White Sage.  The best crystal to use, is one that you are attracted to.   It may change daily, or you may continue to use one specifically to help your mind, heart and soul be relaxed by.

Burn White Sage to clear your energy before you start meditation.  See our White Sage video and blog for how to use it properly.  Simply burning the end of a leaf, or a smudge stick thinking ‘clean and clear’ will suffice.  You may like to burn some Palo Santo or incense after the clearing to draw in Positive energy and keep your mind focused yet relaxed.  Having a salt lamp provides ambience and tranquillity.

Lighting a candle will immediately connect you to Spirit, and provides an element of peace and calm.

White Sage – Native Americans have used Sage for centuries to clear negative energy from Spaces and houses.  Burn a little in your sacred space to keep the energy nice and clear.  It will help you to open your higher sensors also.

A journal notebook with healing crystals and scented dried orange

Journaling is a wonderful thing to do in your Sacred Space.  Writing notes on how your feel, your journey or your goals, wishes, dreams and longings are good things to journal.  The most valuable thing to write that I have learnt throughout my 20 years of healings are these two questions to yourself:  How am I feeling?  What do I need?

Course on channelled writing link

Oracle or Tarot Cards are a wonderful thing to help bring positive messages in to your energy field.  Choose a deck that resonates with you.  Popular decks are the original Rider-Waite Tarot, The Universe has your Back and Moonology Oracle cards.  You can purchase them online here.

Reading Inspirational books, listening to podcasts or watching positive YouTube videos on meditation, relaxation or personal development is all considered active meditation.  Walking in nature and allowing all of your senses, other than your mind, to open and wake up is a wonderful way to meditate.  Meditation means to ‘relax the mind’ it doesn’t mean be still and silent.  Whilst being still works for many, there are those of us who have very busy brains that need something to do whilst meditating.  Being in nature is the solution to calming a busy mind.  Visit my YouTube channel.

Karen Reid in a native Nikau Palm forest, contemplating her spiritual practice in nature

Your sacred space may be your favourite place in nature.

Your Sacred Space should be set up all the time so you can easily just go there and sit at any time to help you connect to your Inner voice, Spiritual Guidance and your Soul’s longing!  See what kind of magical place you can create for yourself.  Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day, this is the first step towards self-love and relaxing the mind, body, spirit.



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