Following Episode 2 of The Real Housewives of Auckland, there has been a media frenzy here at The Healing Company, everyone wanting to know who this wacky healer is, and whether or not the ‘daggers’ pulled out of Angela Stone were real or not.  The answer is YES, now let me explain.


I am a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, trained by a former NASA physicist, and best selling author http://www.barbarabrennan.com/with a 6 year degree in advanced Energy Medicine.  This qualifies me to professionally heal the Human Energy Field otherwise known as the Aura.  The Aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical bodies. Everything in life, from rocks to goal posts, to personal teddy bears have an energy field surrounding them, including us, human beings.  The Aura, is like a personal diary of life’s experiences, and holds energetic frequencies from our childhood, it stores our emotions, it holds our psychological make up, and is habitually run in a certain way.


Does anyone remember science from school?  If you do, you may remember a very Newtonian view, that is, we are all protons and electrons bouncing off each other like pool balls.  Not so accurate.  We are actually frequencies of energy, we are all made of light and are holographic, not static matter.  Think of the invisible radio frequencies that we all hear but can’t see.  Radio frequencies started with two quartz crystals oscillating which created an electromagnetic band or frequency between them.  Our Human energy field is made up of the same kinds of bands, frequencies and light.  (that’s a very simple explanation, hopefully you get the point).


Feeling the Vibes

Now, you would have felt your energy field at some point in your life.  Most of us have kinesthetic sense, we feel things.  So when you walk into a room, or meet someone new, you can feel whether the vibe is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  Other ways to feel with the Aura, is when we think of someone and then they call.  Another way you may have experienced the energy field is when you have had some ‘bad’ news and feel like you’ve been ‘kicked in the guts’ or after a relationship breakup you feel pain in your heart centre, but there is nothing wrong with your physical heart.  Sometimes we ‘just know’ when a family member or loved one is in trouble.  These are all common feelings most of us have experienced through our Chakra and Aura system.

The mechanics of the Aura & Chakra System

Let me quickly explain the mechanics and then I’ll tell you about the daggers.  So there are two parts to the human energy field, one is the mechanical part, the other is the consciousness part.  The mechanical part is the chakra system which regulates how energy comes into the Aura which has several different layers and functions.  Then there is the consciousness part, which goes hand-in-hand with the mechanics, (it cannot be separated).  This is the emotional, psychological, mental and Spiritual aspects of our system.  So this part is how we feel, experience, react to and process what is happening in our lives.  They forgot to tell us about all this at school.

How the Aura relates to Health & Illness

We now know that any kind of distortion, tear, break or block in the Human energy field, will eventually lead to a physical or psychological problem.  A trained practitioner uses High Sense Perception – a heightened awareness of our normal senses – to track health and illness within the Energy field for example dark colours around certain organs will indicate illness.  Someone who is healthy will have a bright glowing field.   Practitioners can also feel, smell, taste, see and hear imbalanced frequencies, so the energy field gives us all the information we need to track a person’s health.

Note: (We are not medical doctors and cannot prescribe or diagnose physical illness.)

History of the Aura

Lastly, I think it’s important to know, energy fields are not a new phenomenon, Indian Spiritual tradition 5,000 years ago refer to the electromagnetic field as Prana, known to be the source of all life.  The Chinese in the 3rd millennium BC spoke of Ch’i (Qi) now widely referred to in Acupuncture and Yoga.  The Jewish Kabbalah which began around 538 BC refers to these same energies as the astral light, and Christianity often portrays Jesus and Mary surrounded by fields of light.

Daggers explained

My high sense perception comes through feeling first, so I will feel a block or problem within the frequency of the energy field.  With Angela on The Real Housewives Of Auckland TV programme, I could feel the heaviness of the argument she had with Michelle and Gilda.  I could feel her sadness, and the heaviness it left her with.  I could then see, with my internal psychic vision, daggers in her solar plexus chakra, (the centre of power and control).  I often receive my visions symbolically and when I see daggers, or swords and there is a heavy feeling associated with it, I know that there has been an argument.

Other symbolic meanings I get are things like, wedding rings (indicating a marriage or engagement or long-term relationship).  Sometimes I see symbolic animals, a horse means the person needs to work on their inner strength and power, a dolphin means either fun, joy and playfulness.  It is a little bit like learning a foreign language, and after 15 years of healing, I now have a very accurate symbolic language during healing sessions.


Healing the Human Energy Field is something that should be done by a trained, experienced Practitioner.  Make sure your healer of choice belongs to a registered Practitioners Association http://www.brennanhealingscience.org/and has a Professional code of conduct.    As we are oftentimes dealing with serious illness and sometimes intense emotions, one needs to know how to deal with such experiences.  The healer needs to have done plenty of psychological work on themselves! Whenever you remove something out of the energy field, you need to know how to put it back together, and how to counsel the person you’ve removed it from.  The Human Energy field is like a beautiful, intricate, intelligent Spiders web – stick your fingers in it, and it breaks up causing a mess.  So you need to know what you are doing.  In other words don’t try this at home!

If you have any questions, please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.


Radio Interview with The Breeze, Auckland Radio Station

Here’s my Interview explaining Energy Healing with Robbie and Jeanette from the Breeze – both have lovely energy fields!




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