For any animal or environmental lover, the news of the whale stranding at Farewell Spit yesterday in New Zealand’s South Island with 75% of the pod dying is devastating.  So why do they do this?

I remember many years ago when I worked for Greenpeace I struggled emotionally whenever something ‘bad’ happened to animals within our environment, especially when it seemed there was no reason why.  I couldn’t understand why a smart species such as the Whale would do this.  I felt angry with the Universe for such a painful event to happen.

In despair, I decided to meditate on this question and ask my Spiritual Guides:  Why do whales beach themselves?  Why Why Why??

A delightful Whale came to me in spirit and said this:  “We Whales and dolphins are in service to Humanity.  What happens to humans when we get stranded?  The whole community comes together to help, strangers who would otherwise never talk to each other suddenly come together with a common heart-felt purpose.  People who do not normally express emotions are able to have a deep feeling experience.  It allows you an opportunity to share deep feelings together.  Human love and kindness comes out.  So this is our gift to you and your community – in our trouble, in our deaths, we are helping bring you closer together.”

The Whale then showed me planet Earth with all the animals on it in service to us.  I cried a bucket load – then I was shown another planet, the twin flame of Earth flying right next to us, and it looks exactly like our Earth, only it’s heavenly, peaceful and happy, so this vision gave me a sense of Peace and comfort.  I hope this message brings comfort to you too.

So, in our sadness for these majestic creatures who have, or are passing in the South right now, please know that they are transitioning back to the light – with their loving friends, and they smile upon us from this heavenly place, knowing that they have delivered to us a most sacred and special gift – they have opened our hearts and feelings and brought our community closer together.

Blessings, love and deep gratitude to our friends the Whales.




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